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Organic Growth Enhancer

Introduction of Crop Leader (Free Grow) Crop Enhancer

100% Organic Sea Weed Extract

Crop Leader (FreeGrow) is a pure liquid crop growth enhancer (fertilizer) made out of Seaweed extract.

Processed under rigid quality control to preserve seaweed’s valuable ingredients such as unique phycocolloid which contains inherent stickers, natural hormones, amino acid, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates and minerals important to plant growth. Hormones present in Crop Leader (FreeGrow) are cytokinins, auxins and gibberellins, noted for their very pronounced effect on rooting, vegetative and reproductive growth. Apart from nitrogen, potassium, Crop leader (FreeGrow) contains all the known essential trace elements plus many more. All these densely packed nutrients in Crop leader (FreeGrow) combine to exert synergistic effect, higher germination rate, ability to withstand stress and recover from transplanting, drought, strong winds, pest attacks, production of very profuse blooming and extended harvesting period.

Crop leader’s (Free Grow) Ph level is 7-8, hence does not cause burning even at a higher than suggested dosage. Crop Leader (Free Grow) manifest accelerated growth rate and increase yield, great majority of harvest shows good size, shape, colour, taste and processes longer shelf life, sugar content has also been enhanced.

Guaranteed Analysis

Macro Elements

Nitrogen 0.22% Zinc 20ppm
Phosphorus 0.09% Manganese 100ppm
Calcium 0.10% Copper 7ppm
Sodium 0.10% Sulfur Trace
Boron 0.062% Cobalt Trace
Magnesium 66ppm Molybdenum Trace
Iron 106ppm Chlorine Trace

Available Pack Size – 1L and 20L Drum
Use age –  1L of Crop Leader ( free Grow) mixed with 100L of water for 1 Acre.